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These days, there can be seen a lot of fraud in traffic and conversions. Are you also worried about this fraud? For this, you can rely on InsightBro which offers the best, most authentic, and most reliable anti-fraud kit for your business. This kit that we offer is a high-security tool that can help in identifying fake conversions and fraudulent traffic sources. It also gives alerts to the users to take action so that no malicious traffic can pass.

Why do you need Anti fraud kit from InsightBro?

in the advertising industry and online market, invalid traffic has become a growing problem. One of the biggest concerns related to fake conversion and invalid traffic is that it will not generate any income. Also, fraudulent traffic will damage your reputation with an affiliate network platform.

In such a situation, all that you need is to choose InsightBro which helps in combating the problems of invalid and fake traffic. We have Anti-Fraud Kit that consists of different several tools for identifying and addressing different problems that are caused by fake conversion and invalid traffic. The anti fraud kit that we offer mainly focuses on helping the brands in reaching the target customers with the help of lead generation campaigns.

Features of InsightBro’s Anti fraud kit

• There is a feature of spam click enabling by which the traffic sources will start to be filtered out based on the preset algorithm.

• Another crucial feature is the fraud fender in which the traffic monitoring tool is designed to filter out all sources that have been sending repeated clicks from the same IP.

• With the help of anti fraud kit, traffic can be validated depending on the traffic sources as well as sub sources.

Our offered anti-fraud kit helps in identifying the patterns of frequent clicks, invalid traffic behavior, or unrecognized user agent. With this kit, you will be able to identify a source of suspicious traffic. Once you know the source, you can block it in your traffic source platform. If you are also looking for a way to control invalid traffic then connect with us to get anti fraud kit solution.

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